Some awful jerk steals BMX bikes from Bike Works (+ Warehouse Sale!)

Some despicable human being stole a truck-load of quality BMX bikes from the Bike Works backyard last night. The bikes were ready to be earned by students of their youth Earn-a-Bike program, which provides young people with the chance to earn a ride by completing a bike repair course and fixing the bike themselves.

Bike Works put out a call for donations to replace them:

The bikes were good quality rides “for the discriminating 10-13 year-old BMXer,” according to Tina at Bike Works. That means they were not cheap Wal-Mart/K-Mart bikes, of which the organization still has many (they love those, too, but Earn-a-Bike students deserve better!).

So if you have a bike like these lying around (or see one at a garage sale), now would be a great time to donate it.

Warehouse Sale January 29

Last year's warehouse sale

In other Bike Works news, the Warehouse Sale is scheduled for noon – 4 p.m. January 29. The sale is fantastic even if for people who are not bike geeks. Details via Facebook:

· All “As Is” used bikes and frames will be discounted.
· Discounted used parts and accessories.
· Selection of discounted new parts and accessories.
· Refurbished used bikes.
· Trainers, trailers, Trail-A-Bikes, joggers, rollers, and auto racks.
· Pedi-cab service to/from our Bike Shop on S Ferdinand St.

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6 Responses to Some awful jerk steals BMX bikes from Bike Works (+ Warehouse Sale!)

  1. Troy says:

    Clearly the A-holes that did this aren’t aware of how fresh Bikeworks is otherwise they wouldn’t do some dastardly ish like this.

  2. fatguyonabike says:

    I can’t believe it. Who does stuff like that??

  3. Jim says:

    If we can’t afford a full bike can we make a donation and direct it to this program? Is that the best way to help?

  4. Mark says:

    Jim – Yes. Bike Works is a non-profit and takes donations. Contact the office 206.725.9408 or look for the DONATE NOW button at

  5. ls says:

    they’ll probably show up on craigslist like everything else. do they still etch serial numbers on bikes?

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