Seattle trails now on Google Street View

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Upon hearing the news that Google Street View now features Seattle’s multi-use trails, I figured I’d pop by Google’s trail-side office in Fremont, and look who I found!

Street View on bike trails is awesome. Not only is it useful for planning your route, but it’s fun to see all the people smiling and waving at the Street View bike as it rolls by. For example, here’s someone on the I-90 Trail giving the camera a hang loose sign:

And it’s no wonder people stopped to stare, when the Street View trike looks like this:

So now your goal is to spend hours trying to find yourself and your friends our on the trails. Bonus points if you can tell when they were taken. If you find someone you know or something interesting/funny, post the link below.

In order to get a link, click the “chain” button to the right of the envelope on the Google Maps page:

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10 Responses to Seattle trails now on Google Street View

  1. lothar says:

    What is the purpose for this? The whole point of trails is so you can go and enjoy them. You don’t need to look at their pictures on a website.


    • Andrew Squirrel says:

      What is the purpose for leaving lame comments on a bike blog? The whole point of bicycles is so you can go outside and enjoy them & not worry about what bicycle blogs are posting. You don’t need to look at websites to have fun, go outside, ride a bike and stop complaining about how people utilize internet based tools for planning their trip.

      -(insert some lord of the rings-esque name for signature).

  2. joshuadf says:

    My coworkers and I are at Burke-Gilman Trail and university way NE. We saw the trike last summer and I’ve been waiting for this!

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