UW farm looking for bikes to shorten trip between growing sites

Do you have an extra working bike? Would you like to see it put to use the next generation of farming minds get between their university farms?

Well, the UW farm is looking to bikes as a way to turn a half hour walk into a short ride.

From the UW farm (thanks for the tip, Melinda!):

The UW farm is looking for donations of working bicycles for UW farmers to help commute from one farm site to another. Currently, the two farm sites are a half an hour walk apart. We will be creating a community bicycle system that will allow farmers, who do not bike to school, access to bicycles that will significantly reduce their commute time to and from our new farm site at the Center for Urban Horticulture.

Bikes of all sizes are appreciated! We only ask that bikes are ridable and in working order. If you have a bike that you can donate, please email Ross at [email protected] Subject: Bike Donation

Thank you so much for your support!


the UW Farm

In other bikes and agriculture news, don’t forget that Alleycat Acres is looking for sponsors for their spring 2012 fundraiser bike ride. They are also starting a cycling team called Team Alleycat.

To paraphrase cycling farmer Sean Conroe: Endless high fives for everyone finding ways to combine farming and biking!

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  1. Ryan Surface says:

    Just a thought maybe the UW Farm can team up with Bikeworks and get some functional used bikes, maybe through a labor exchange or something. Just a thought. I am not affiliated with Bikeworks but love their mission and know for a fact that they have plenty of bikes needing a little work to get back on the road but those old 10 speeds, 3 speeds Mt bikes sound perfect for the needs of the UW program.


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