Ninjas riding from Port Townsend to Seattle to promote theater show on Capitol Hill

Seattle’s Capitol Hill is going to be invaded by a small army of very tired ninjas Friday.

A crew from Port Townsend’s ReCyclery will be riding from Port Townsend to Seattle to catch opening night of “The Jacket,” a play by Nanda playing at Broadway Performance Hall at Pine and Broadway.

If you want to join the ride, there are several spots along the way to join up including 6:05 p.m. at the Seattle Ferry Terminal.

From the ride organizers:

A dozen cyclists, dressed as ninjas, will embark upon a not-so-clandestine 50-mile journey on October 7 from Port Townsend to the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal.

Their mission: to expose Nanda’s full-length theater production titled “The Jacket” to as many people as possible.

“Port Townsend likes to rally behind their own,” says Chauncey Tudhope-Locklear, co-owner of the Recyclery in Port Townsend and leader of the ride.  “Nanda’s been giving free performances for families in PT for years and now that they’re making a go of it, we’d like to pile in the support.”

The ride will have three chances for cyclists to join the party including: Central Market in Poulsbo (20148 10th Ave NE), the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal and the downtown Seattle Ferry terminal.

Location updates and estimated time of arrival will be given via the ReCyclery’s twitter account: @ptrecyclery.

You can track any and all updates using the twitter handle: #nandaride.

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5 Responses to Ninjas riding from Port Townsend to Seattle to promote theater show on Capitol Hill

  1. Julian says:


    Saw them at Tour de Fat a few years ago, and since at Moisture Fest, etc. Don’t miss these guys! In fact, Kidical Mass might just come out of hibernation for this. Those Recyclist Ninjas won’t know what hit ’em. Ankle-Biting Ninjas, baby.

  2. FoxyFuji says:

    I thought “Bike Ninjas” were the guys who ride at night with no lights wearing dark clothing (per Yehuda Moon comic).

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  4. Cathy says:

    I love Nanda too! In fact, I’m taking a large group of 14-y.o. boys to their show next weekend for a birthday party. Boy heaven! NANDA!

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