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Bike News Roundup: How to steal a bike in Vancouver, BC

Because we skipped last week’s Bike News Roundup, this week’s is HUGE.

How to steal a bike in Vancouver (it’s super easy, apparently)

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Last day to get $25 at Bike Works for only $12.

Parklets: a great idea for Seattle to steal (can we please?)

An organizer of Miami’s Park(ing) Day was arrested because an officer didn’t like that he didn’t get his awful, disgusting grass and trees out of the city’s beautiful parking spots fast enough.

A teacher in Memphis was ordered to dismantle his garden, which he and some students tended in their free time. Apparently, it’s a public nuisance to teach youth how to grow food and tend bees in their free time. After an online campaign and much arguing, however, the city let the garden stay (so long as they “cleaned it up”)

Quantas vidas mais? (note: PorraCET is the Dept. of Transportation in Sao Paulo)

PDX developers cater to the two-wheeled

On poverty and pollution in Seattle

Damn we live in a stunning city

Carmageddon: Seattle edition” is coming! Run for your lives! (actually, running to work is a fantastic way to get exercise)

HUGE recall of Specialized and Wall-Mart bikes

Worst urban bicycle writer ever.

Car Free Day in Latvia! Love it.

One year in and Capitol Bikeshare is already a fixture of urban life in DC.

Wrong way drivers at Alaskan Way and S Atlantic are becoming a real problem.

Crosscut on the Mountains to Sound Greenway.

Bicycle Alliance of Washington is holding a Share the Road t-shirt design contest.

In heartbreaking news, a driver struck and killed an 11-year-old Yakima boy in front of the boy’s schoolmates and father. The driver then got out, checked his truck for damage, then fled.

Antonio Castillo died after colliding with a Yakima bus while biking September 26. Condolences to his friends and family.

A man lost an eye after a road raging driver shot him in the face in Federal Way.

Seattle-area residents still aren’t driving more. It’s been a decade.

Have we reached peak truck?

Pedestrians are safer when there are bike lanes.

When discussing bicycle deaths, Merlin would like us to remember all traffic deaths, regardless of mode.

The Bicycle Alliance of Washington’s annual auction is October 22.

Florida teen arrested for sneaking into Sears and using their tools to fix his bike.

Bike paths near PDX are key transportation routes.

Elly Blue comes around on bike paths after visiting Minneapolis (sort of)

Everybody BIKE!

Are vehicle license fees regressive? Not really.

Rain doesn’t stop Sunday Parkways in PDX

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships highlights.

In Copenhagen, some gas stations have bike maintenance space.

Rahm makes big bike plans for Chicago.

Seattle may have surpassed Minneapolis in the percentage of people biking to work, but they are doing some pretty cool stuff. We need to keep working hard if we want to stay on top. After all, Minneapolis is just a street in Seattle … (ok, it’s not)

Minneapolis’ Midtown Greenway: Good for Biz, Good for Bikes. from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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6 responses to “Bike News Roundup: How to steal a bike in Vancouver, BC”

  1. LWC

    Regarding wrong-way truckers on Alaska: I saw two this morning, and two yesterday morning. I’m just thankful I was heading north, and not south.

    I know it’s a construction zone, and roadway space is at a premium right now. There’s no room to squeeze in a turn lane. But there’s got to be a way to mitigate this: how about detouring all traffic that wishes to cross the train tracks, so that the lane doesn’t get backed up? It would involve diverting all northbound traffic at Hanford, except for those heading to the terminals south of Atlantic.

    I’m going to call the non-emergency line right now to file a complaint: I’d encourage others to do the same: port of seattle police (206) 787-3490

  2. Joseph Singer

    The mayor of Chicago is Rahm Emanuel not Raum! Ya needs to pay attention!

    1. Tom Fucoloro

      Congratulations! You found the typo Easter egg!

  3. merlin

    thanks for including my letter, Tom! Lots of other great stuff too.

  4. doug in seattle

    RE: Stealing bikes in Vancouver

    I hate those kinds of videos. Are people really shocked that random strangers don’t leap to the defense of another random stranger’s property? Bike thieves are potentially violent, so why should anyone risk harm interfering?

    Use a quality lock and make your bike difficult to steal.

    1. Troy

      Doug that is weak sauce. What you didn’t see was anybody taking the dudes picture with their phone. Or calling the police. Or yelling “hey are you stealing that bike with those big cable cutters!” or anything like that. By your account the right thing to do is to say/do nothing? I hope other suckas like you aren’t around when a robbery happens. It is unacceptable to live in a society overcome by fear and full of cowards. No one is asking you to start a fist fight or do a citizens arrest. And by “good lock” I am assuming you mean a U-Lock which can be popped super fast with a compact carjack. Difficult to steal means nothing if we as citizens are going to keep walking and do nothing. Weak.

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