Work on W Thomas St overpass will kick into gear after Hempfest

No, seriously, look at that overpass.

Work on the W Thomas St walking and biking overpass is about to kick into high gear as soon as Hempfest is over. Work on the overpass was supposed to begin in March, but organizers of Hempfest filed a lawsuit (note my completely mature illustration of a man taking a bong rip in the overpass rendering), and the city responded by pushing the majority of construction back to the fall.

As a side note: The Elliott Bay Trail in Myrtle Edwards Park is going to be basically unusable this weekend starting today (August 19) due to Hempfest 2011.

Planning for the overpass started in 2003, but progress stalled due to lack of funds. Once completed in the spring, the overpass will provide a much-needed connection from Lower Queen Anne to Myrtle Edwards Parks (and the Elliott Bay Trail).

Now, to get everyone pumped, cue the rendering porn:

At 3rd Ave W and W Thomas St

On the overpass

At Myrtle Edward Park

Map of trail site:

More design images:
Tso 20100428 Presentation

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