Dead Baby Downhill 2011 recap (with video!)

The 2011 Dead Baby Downhill was a raucous bash that some claim to be the biggest bicycle party on the west coast. What began with a road-rash-prone, sometimes legal downhill race (though most who ride do not race at all) ended with a huge bash, featuring beer, music, dancing, tall bike jousting, a pedal-powered carnival and, well, a lot more crazy stuff than we can list here.

Acts included bike dance troupe the Sprockettes from Portland and Cyclecide, a pedal-powered rodeo from San Fransisco.

Here’s a quick video we shot of some of the mayhem:

For more coverage, West Seattle Blog shot some video of the start on Admiral Way. The Riding Reporter Anne-Marije Rook was on the ride shooting photos. Did you take any photos or video? Post links in the comments or email them to [email protected].

UPDATE: The Seattle Weekly was also there shooting photos, as was the West Seattle Herald.

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  1. miranda says:

    whoooa! this looks soo awesome!! grr wish i was there. great footage. what spirit!

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