Seattle Crime: Police bust prolific bike thief and chop shop

It’s warm, and that means bike thefts are at their peak. But thanks to a fight between a bike thief and an acquaintance, SPD busted one prolific thief and uncovered his chop shop, housed in a storage unit at 115th and Aurora. Police found five bikes in the unit as well as a sleeping felon with a warrant.

From Seattle Crime:

According to an SPD search warrant affidavit, the man—who has not yet been charged with a crime—is known to be “actively involved in the ‘chopping’ and reselling of stolen bicycles,” reselling them on Craigslist and at pawn shops. Last March, found stolen bikes in a Lake City storage unit rented by the man.

One thief recently told police the man is “the go-to guy” for thieves trying to sell stolen bikes in Seattle, the affidavit says.

Officers discovered the man’s latest chop shop on July 13th after an acquaintance of the man called police after he got into a fight with the bike thief.

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3 Responses to Seattle Crime: Police bust prolific bike thief and chop shop

  1. biliruben says:

    That’s not Lake City, though his last bust was at 110th and Lake City Way.

    Why he’s still free and stealing bikes after the last bust is the question I would like answered. Bike theft is a crime, right? And running a chop shop is a crime, right? Given that he was busted 6 months ago, why hasn’t he been charged?

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      Ha! Reading comprehension fail on my part. Thanks. Made some changes.

      • biliruben says:

        No worries.

        My Lake City gets a fair amount of bad press, mostly deserved. I just didn’t want it to get any that was undeserved!

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