Cascade: State rescissions not as bad this year

From Cascade

The state’s federal transportation rescissions will not hit bicycle and pedestrian funding disproportionately this year as they did in 2010, according to Cascade Bicycle Club. There were concerns the state would raid vulnerable non-highway funding again, but the majority of funds will be from the Interstate maintenance budget line.

States across the country have had to send back federal transportation funds in recent years to help the USDOT balance their books. Though the feds demand a certain amount, they let the states decide where the money comes from. In 2010, Washington took a very disproportionate amount from funding pools that go to biking and walking projects.

In the graph above you can see the dramatic change in proportions taken from the “Enhancements” and “Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality” pools, two of the largest funds for biking and walking projects.

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