Bike News Roundup: ‘Free’ bridge crossing costs NY $31 billion

It’s time for the now-weekly bike news roundup! This is an open thread, so if you have any news or thoughts to share, leave them in the comments.

East River Bridges: 100 Free Years Take a “Toll” from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Given recent debates about tolling (whether on the proposed deep bore tunnel or the I-5 express lanes), the Street Films video above from New York should provide a little perspective on why tolls make sense for expensive infrastructure.

Artists in the 619 Western building in Pioneer Square have been told to get out six months earlier than anticipated. The building, which houses an unbelievably unique arts space popular during the First Thursday Art Walks, was going to be demolished because of the proposed deep bore tunnel. However, the state DOT plans to spend $20 million to save the structure.

Speaking of that tunnel thing, a crew of environmentalists make the case for the streets/transit/I-5 option.

Seattle is the sixth most walkable city in the country, according to Walk Score’s 2011 rankings. I wrote about walkability on Capitol Hill. Sightline also looks at Walk Score’s newest rankings.

Meanwhile, if you or anyone you know needs a little incentive to walk, bike or take transit more often, they should sign up for the city’s Walk Bike Ride Challenge.

A North Portland bike lane proposal has wound up at the center of a debate over gentrification. Are bike lanes for white people? Are they part of gentrification or a tool to fight poverty (or both)?

The folding bike legal wars have started. I hope this doesn’t get too messy.

LA passes a groundbreaking anti-harassment law that would allow bicyclists to bring civil cases against anyone who harasses or harms them.

This isn’t bike news at all, but what the hell is going on at the Seattle Weekly? Jonah at SeattleCrime has been tearing them to pieces, the mayor destroyed Mike Seely on KUOW (listen online). Stop being so defensive about child prostitution and do something to fix the part of the problem you are responsible for. For the record, though, I was a little uncomfortable when the mayor pulled all city ads from the Weekly. Not sure that’s a good precedent to set for disputes between the city and a journalistic outlet. But come on, Weekly, give it up and make the necessary changes.

A Portland woman has started making and selling patches for deaf bicyclists.

After fears that bike/ped funding will be slashed, news is looking a little better with regards to the federal transportation bill.

Portland’s Sprockettes are holding a summer camp for girls.

The SunBreak asks: Why don’t we tell people not to drive all the time?

South Park Bridge replacement is underway!

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4 Responses to Bike News Roundup: ‘Free’ bridge crossing costs NY $31 billion

  1. Catherine says:

    Bicycle t-shirt swag!

    Might be considered ammo in the “war on cars”…

  2. Andres says:

    That link (folding bike legal wars) is everything I hate about the internet. Redirected to a “please install flash 10” page, with flash installed just a blank white page.. sigh.

  3. Doug Bostrom says:

    Let alone harassment, I’d like to see legislation in Seattle imposing extra penalties on people who steal bicycles or bicycle accessories from folks using their cycles for commuting (perhaps such treatment should extend to any theft that imposes financial burden and threat to economic welfare beyond the simple cost of goods stolen, for instance tools from a tradesman?).

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