Times: Group leaders make case for neighborhood greenways

Community leaders from neighborhoods all around Seattle see CTAC III as their shot to fund Seattle’s budding neighborhood greenway movement (see our previous series).

As the committee decides whether to pursue an $80 vehicle license fee ballot measure, Cathy Tuttle, Dylan Ahearn and Michael Snyder (from Spokespeople, Beacon BIKES and Ballard Greenways, respectively) penned a guest column in the Seattle Times making the case for using the new funds to create safe, family-friendly corridors through Seattle’s neighborhoods:

AS your neighbors and fellow community members, we have a vision of a Seattle where we can all safely and easily drive, walk or bike to the grocery store, the park, the library or our children’s schools.

Seattle traffic can make driving a headache, while walking or biking along busy streets does not feel safe or pleasant for most of us. We propose a solution to this problem that has worked for many cities across the county: the implementation of a network of “neighborhood greenways” for safe and efficient travel by foot and by bicycle.

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