Special Menstrual Monday ride tonight to cheer up injured organizer

One of the best woman-centric bike event organizers in Seattle is dealing with a nasty leg injury after she fell through a roof July 4. She is expected to have a good recovery, but it may take a while. Monica helped found the popular all-women Menstrual Monday bike rides and was a key organizer of the Girls of Summer All-Girl Alley Cat race last month.

This evening’s ride will meet at the Seattle Center fountain at 6:30, as usual, and ride to Monica’s Shoreline home bearing gifts and cheer. Riders are encouraged to bring a little something to help cheer her up, whether it’s some vegetarian food, a good book, flowers or anything else you can think of.

From Menstrual Monday:

First and foremost, I am here to remind you that the ladies ride tonight!  After postponing a week for 4th of July, Menstrual Monday meets up at the Seattle Center fountain at 6:30 with a 7pm departure.  We have something very special in mind tonight.

For those of you who don’t know, Menstrual Monday founder and co-planner Monica suffered an unfortunate accident on the 4th.  After falling 15 feet, she was rushed to Harborview Hospital where doctors determined that she broke her femur and her kneecap, and would need surgery on Tuesday morning.  The surgery went well – the doctors were able to straighten her femur out (she now has a rod through it) and remove part of her kneecap.  Prognosis is good, but it will be a long recovery.   She was finally able to get home on Friday and has made progress – she can now get from the couch to the bathroom on crutches.  Her attitude is, as always, positive and admirable.

Keep in mind that this monthly ride and the Girls of Summer Alleycat that so many of you enjoyed last month were both brainchildren of Monica.  She has been an amazing force and presence for lady cyclists in Seattle.  Let’s show her our appreciation and support her in her time of need.  To ease the pain and break up her day, Menstrual Monday will ride to her house in Shoreline tonight to stop in for a visit and deliver some food.   Please bring anything that you think would help her out or keep her spirits up during her convalescence.  See you all at 6:30pm!

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