Menstrual Monday presents an all-girl alleycat June 11

The women behind Menstrual Monday, Seattle’s monthly all-girl casual bike ride, are stepping things up with an all-girl alleycat race.

From Menstrual Monday:

Menstrual Monday is proud to announce our first ALL-Girl Alley Cat, Girls of Summer.An adventurous romp through the seattle city streets celebrating the best thing ever, GIRLS ON BIKES. In addition to prizes to the fastest riders, we will also have prizes in fun and creative categories to encourage new or  non-competitive riders (dude NOW over $2000 worth of prizes).

Register at the I-5 colonnade at 2pm and race at 3pm sharp. Bring $5 to race and you will be rewarded with prizes and beverages.

Things to bring: map of seattle, a bag, lock, pen, and of course helmet.

Rockin after party will be held at the Boxcar Alehouse. They have food, a lovely patio, and lots of good beverages. We will be there from 4:30 on with prizes announced at 6:30. Our racers will (of course) have some well-deserved drinks on us (two drink tickets), but the owner is so excited about this afterparty that he’s offering a beer special to all the supporters as well! From 4pm until 8pm, PBR will be $2.00 for a pint and $8.00 for a pitcher.

They have also challenged the women of Portland, so our city’s honor is on the line.

If you can’t make the race, or if racing isn’t your thing, the group rides the first Monday of every month. All women are welcome, and nobody will be left behind. The June 6 ride will be Tour de Patio. As always, riders meet at Seattle Center Fountain at 6:30 p.m., then depart at 7.

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  1. Monica says:

    Thanks for the awesome write up! Love it. We are super excited to see all the ladies on bike that show up.

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