Man uses bicycle to fend off knife-wielding assailant

Seattle Crime reports that a man used a bicycle to defend himself from an assailant with a butcher knife around 1 a.m. June 10 near Minor and Pike. The victim said he was standing near his friend’s bike when the suspect tried to take it. They started yelling and shoving, and the suspect pulled out a knife. Police were in the area and saw the fight in process.

From Seattle Crime:

One man had a butcher knife in his hand, and was trying to stab a second man.

Officers saw the suspect raise his knife and stab at the victim, who blocked the attack with the bicycle’s frame, and threw the bicycle at the suspect.

Police turned on their emergency lights and pulled up near the two men.

When officers asked the suspect why he’d tried to stab the victim, he told them he was simply trying to “stab the bike.”

Police booked the suspect for assault (presumably for attacking the other man, not the bike).

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