Incredible video: Person biking hit by car near SLU Park lands on his feet

Jeff Word was crossing Valley St at the crosswalk from Terry Ave N into South Lake Union Park the evening of May 18 when a driver ran a red light and struck him and his bicycle. Word reacted quickly and was able to put his foot onto the car’s approaching hood and push off. The collision damaged his bike, but Word landed on his feet unharmed after being thrown across the crosswalk.

“I’m doing good,” said Word in an email. “I was so happy that nothing happened I was pretty much laughing afterwards. I’m a chiropractor, too, so I get adjustments all the time.”

The driver stopped and is paying for the damage to the bicycle, a steel Fuji Roubaix.

The video was taken by David Behroozi, who happened to have his helmet cam rolling. He said glare from the sun could have played a role.

“The sun was to the west and was fairly bright but the woman in the car has her visor down and the visor shadow is across her face,” he said.

Takeaway lessons:

  • Jeff Word is awesome.
  • Be aware of sunlight conditions and give extra caution around drivers with sun in their eyes. Windshield glare is a huge problem.
  • South Lake Union road construction needs a better non-motorized detour. This project is going to take years, and the current situation is unclear and unsafe for people walking and biking. How about something like this?

CLARIFICATION: Several people have pointed out that it looks like he is running a red light. That light does not turn green because the driveway is closed due to construction. In the video, you can see he had a walk signal, and you can hear the crosswalk beeping sound. The driver did have a red light.

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