Get involved with the 2011 Seattle Bicycle Music Project

Organizers of the Seattle Bicycle Music Project are holding a drink/snack/greet event tomorrow (May 10) 9-10 p.m. at Grim’s Butterfly Lounge (11th Ave between Pike and Pine on Capitol Hill). If you are interested in volunteering to help make this year’s festival happen, this is a chance to meet the organizers and get involved.

The Bicycle Music Project is a traveling bicycle-powered music festival. Bicycles not only generate the electricity for the amps, but the entire set-up folds up and is hauled by bicycle. Last year, the fest started in Ballard, then rode to Denny Park, then finally Cal Anderson. It was super fun and the organizers are rad folks. Given the loss of Tour de Fat combined with the decline in the number of Summer Streets and Bicycle Sunday events this year, we need people-powered events like this more than ever.

See our coverage of the 2010 BMP here or watch our video:

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  1. Thanks for the signal boost! You’re made of awesome sauce and candy!

  2. Sylvie says:

    Thanks for posting this, Tom!
    It was a very successful meeting. We’re going to join forces with Hazard Factory AND The World Is Fun (the promoters/organizers of the Beard & ‘Stache Fest, among others), to do multiple events this year. Definitely doing more community outreach and getting more people involved in the project, so it should be really great!

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