A pedal-powered party at Seattle Bicycle Music Festival 2010 (video)

The organizers of the Seattle Bicycle Music Festival pulled through and created a completely rad bicycle-powered electric generator system that could fold up and be hauled behind a bicycle. Not only that, but with five bikers riding, the generator was able to power two guitar amps, a bass amp and a PA system. And these weren’t tiny amps (see video). How cool is that?

But not only was the means of power cool, the music was great to match. I got the chance to ride during the set of No Rey and shot the video above. I must apologize for the shakiness—it was a loud song and we were urged to hustle to keep up. I had a blast.

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  2. Eli says:

    Hey, I am trying to start a bike music festival in Massachusetts and have a couple questions about the homemade multi bike generator. First, which Xantrex inverter is used (I can’t tell if its an sw 600, 1000 or 2000.) Does the system generate enough power to power a sound stage by itself or do you have to use it in conjunction with other generators (also how many watts does it generate). How did you make the part that holds up the back wheel, did you weld it yourself or is there something pre-made that you bought. Also what are the overall dimensions of the whole thing. Thanks a lot, these are a lot of questions and I understand if you can’t or don’t want to answer them all.

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