Neighborhood-Powered Streets Part 4: A call for a greenway group in your neighborhood

This story is part of a series about Seattle’s young neighborhood greenway movement. As the series wraps up, it’s your turn to get your neighborhood organized.

“I know that other neighborhoods are going to step up and say, ‘Hey, we want those too,'” said Councilmember Sally Bagshaw. So far, Children’s Hospital is moving forward with a $2 million project in Sand Point and Ravenna to create a greenway project near their campus. Julian from Totcycle has been working on organizing in Ballard. People have also expressed interest in a West Seattle route to connect the Junction to Admiral Way. Another suggestion from someone in the U District suggested using NE 47th as a much-needed east-west route there.

“If the citizens do it, that’s almost better,” said Bagshaw, urging people to take the initiative to get plans going where they live.

Once Spokespeople, Beacon BIKES and Children’s Hospital heard about each other, they got together and started comparing notes. More recently, Bagshaw has organized inter-departmental meetings with SDOT, Seattle Public Utilities and other interested parties, such as Cascade, the Seattle Parks Foundation and the Bicycle Advisory Board. There has also been talk among neighborhood bike groups of forming a coalition to help other neighborhood groups get going, said Dylan Ahearn of Beacon BIKES.

To get started, find a core group of people in your neighborhood interested in safe streets and hold a meeting. Once you have a group, you can contact Beacon BIKES or Spokespeople for help. If your neighborhood has potential for connecting parks or adding park-like amenities through the creation of a greenway, the Seattle Parks Foundation may also be able to help your group. You can also contact Councilmember Bagshaw.

To kickstart the process, you can use the comments below to get organized. State your neighborhood below and I will use the email address you entered to get you in touch with others in your area.

Happy planning!

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5 Responses to Neighborhood-Powered Streets Part 4: A call for a greenway group in your neighborhood

  1. chrismealy says:

    Ravenna — sign me up!

  2. Eli says:

    U-district!!! ;-)

  3. Dylan says:

    Can’t let the series end without a plug.

    Neighborhood Greenways are Hot! Come celebrate the groundswell on Beacon Hill with our People Powered Park Parade on Saturday the 21st. We got free BBQ, Pedal Powered Float, Mobile Music, Wacky Bikes, Prizes! We are celebrating the completion of our Greenway plan for the Hill and you are celebrating how lucky your are to have come across this post!

    Come be a part of the awesomeness!

  4. Cathy says:

    Wallingford, of course! We need another meet-up for Greenways!
    Hope you have great weather on you parade Dylan.

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