Vulnerable Users Bill gets a flat, but luckily we have a spare tube – UPDATED

HB 1339 has officially passed away in committee. But have no fear, the House has a spare Vulnerable Users Bill in its legislative pannier (as well as a canister of political CO2… okay, its an imperfect analogy). SB 5326 just needs to get to the floor of the House for a vote, have the differences resolved and be signed by the governor.

UPDATE 12:30 pm: The Vulnerable Users Bill has passed the House 61-32. Good work everyone! Now just two more steps until its final.

How did your legislators vote on the VUB? Here are the House votes and Senate votes.

Cascade says they may need a final push once the House vote comes up, so stay tuned.

In other news from Olympia, the ESHB 1071 complete streets grant bill is moving through the Senate. From the Transportation Choices Coalition:

One of TCC’s top legislative priorities, the Complete Streets bill, ESHB 1071 passed out of Senate Transportation today. Sen Haugen, the Chair of the Senate committee, asked for support of the bill saying it is a good bill that gets Washington, “looking at things in a more holistic manner”. The bill had bipartisan support with all members of the committee voting for the bill except Sen. Erickson (42nd). Now the bill will wait in the Rules committee until it is ready for full Senate action.

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