Mercer construction closes 9th Ave N sidewalks

People who have been using 9th Ave N in South Lake Union to get to Westlake Ave N will have to change routes. Due to Mercer project construction, both sidewalks on 9th Ave N between Broad and Mercer have been closed.

SDOT suggests you take the sidewalk on Westlake, but getting from the west sidewalk to the trail at South Lake Union Park is a two-signal maneuver, and will probably take forever and be a huge headache. If you are trying to get to the Westlake parking lot pseudo-bikeway, I would recommend just taking Republican to Dexter, then hanging a right on Aloha, left on 8th. Use the west sidewalk on 8th and use the light to cross over to the Westlake parking lot. Here’s a map:

There is also construction on Terry Ave N. Basically, riding through South Lake Union sucks right now, and it’s probably easier and faster to go around it if you can.

From SDOT:

Updated Bicycle Routes, Pedestrian Access and Bus Stop Map
Please see the attached flyer for an updated map illustrating current bicycle routes, pedestrian access, and King County Metro bus stops in the project area. The following updates have been made since bicycle and pedestrian maps were distributed in November 2010:

·         9th Ave. N Sidewalk Closure
To protect the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, the east sidewalk of 9th Ave. N is now closed between Broad St. and Mercer St. while intensive sewer replacement work is completed nearby. The west sidewalk of 9th Ave. N is also closed and bicyclists and pedestrians are asked to use the west sidewalk of Westlake Ave. N to travel through this area.
·         Terry Ave. N Closure
Terry Ave. N is closed between Valley St. and Mercer St. to accommodate installation of upgraded utilities along the north side of Mercer St. and construction of new westbound Mercer St. lanes.
·         King County Metro Temporary Bus Stops
Temporary King County Metro bus stops are in use for the King County Metro Route 17 and Route 30, replacing bus stops that were closed during construction. For current transit information, please visit Metro Online at and check the “Alerts Center.”

Contacts and Information
If you have comments or questions about the Mercer Corridor Project, please contact us at:

Project and Construction Information
Email: [email protected]
24-hour Construction Hotline: (206) 419-5818

For more information about project purpose, benefits, and other information, visit our website at

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2 Responses to Mercer construction closes 9th Ave N sidewalks

  1. Kevin says:

    Or just ride straight up Westlake, the most mildly graded path. I love it when the SLUT gets stuck behind me.

  2. Chris says:

    Maybe it was just that I don’t bike down there often, but I rode from the U-district down eastlake around the south end of the lake to Jillians the other day and was really confused where to go once I got to Valley. I ended up riding on the bike/walker path, which I guess is what they want you to do, but it wasn’t real obvious at first.

    Maybe after all the talk about the SLUT tracks I was more interested in not taking a spill and looking to keep off them.

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