MTS Trail and W Thomas overpass construction to start in 2nd quarter

Mountains-to-Sound Trail extension

You know what would be really cool? A trail that would connect the I-90 bike trail to the west side of Beacon Hill and SoDo without going over the top of Beacon Hill. Well, SDOT says bidding on the Mountains-to-Sound Trail extension will be bid this winter, and construction will begin this summer.

UPDATE: Dylan from Beacon Bikes says the switchbacks to connect the trail to 4th and Royal Brougham have been delayed, but the extension to Holgate/Beacon Ave is scheduled for the summer.

The W. Thomas Street overpass is also ready for construction. This overpass will create a desperately needed connection between Lower Queen Anne and Myrtle Edwards Park.

Also on SDOT’s “2011 To-Do List” so far are the final extension to the Ship Canal Trail and, of course, closing the Burke-Gilman missing link in Ballard.

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3 Responses to MTS Trail and W Thomas overpass construction to start in 2nd quarter

  1. Stephen says:

    I like this, sure it will be great for Seattle. But I can’t help feel that it might be a bit discouraging to cyclists and pedestrians having to descend over the top of I-5. I guess there really isn’t a better, feasible alternative.

  2. dan says:

    I don’t think it gets much more exciting than this. I only wish construction could start now.

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