Cycle Pub starts up in Bend, Oregon

I know this is not Seattle-related. But it is related to my dreams. A group in Bend, Oregon, is creating a bier bike. From what I can tell, this is the closest a bier bike has yet to come to being in Seattle.

A little history. A bier bike is basically a horseshoe bar with pedals beneath each bar stool and a (sober) driver. You pedal while you drink, and the whole bar just basically cruises the city. I dare you to think of something cooler than that.

Anyway, I want one in Seattle. I even asked the Liquor Control Board if it would be possible. Their answer: “…Meh?”

Enter James Watts and Cycle Pub. They are nearing the launch of their handcrafted beer-powered machine in Bend.

“It is basically a 20-foot-long pub on wheels that you pedal,” said Watts.

Current plans call for debuting the Cycle Pub Feb. 18, offering rides around the Old Mill District during the 2011 Bend Winterfest.

“It looks like a trolley or San Francisco cable car, but the twist is that riders actually provide the horsepower by pedaling this passenger bike while enjoying the various sights and attractions of Bend along the way,” Watts said. “We provide the driver, so riders can legally enjoy a local fine-crafted beer, glass of wine or cup of coffee en route, and bring snacks aboard to keep the energy high.”

In an email, Watts suggested that they could perhaps pedal it up here some day. I don’t know how many miles/oz their machine is going to get, but I know I would chip in to fill the keg once they get here. Unless, of course, one of you Seattle entrepreneurs gets on it first…

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7 Responses to Cycle Pub starts up in Bend, Oregon

  1. daisy says:

    Dead Babies or the Pointy’s have a “meeting” pedaled powered machine that would do the trick. I asked the internet for an image but got lot’s of well dead baby pics so I’ll leave it to more internety types to find one.

  2. rich says:

    I experienced a bier bike in San Diego a few years back. Much fun.

  3. Julian says:

    Talk to Fritz, Dave, and Co and Dutch Bike about renting the Conference Bike, sticking a keg in the middle (Fremont Brew Co, natch), and doing it yourself. And save me a seat!

  4. clew says:

    so, a lot like a stretch limo with a bar in the back, but bikier. That might be easier to explain to the Liquor Control Board.

  5. Patti Pyland says:

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  7. Pub Lover says:

    This Is such a cool invention! I love beer and think this is going to be the new way to drink it socially. If I had money, I would invest in a bike. Way to go Atek.

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