Cascade: 30% of state legislature will be pro-bike next year

Wanna get elected in these parts? Well, you better start making friends with some bikers.

Ballots are still being counted, but 86 percent of the candidates endorsed by Cascade Bicycle Club have won (or are leading) their races. From Cascade:

After over a week of ballot counting, election watchers in Washington are still clicking refresh to see returns in several tight races around the state. 86% of Cascade’s bike-friendly candidates are ahead in their respective races, with Rep. Roger Goodmanand Sen. Rodney Tom reversing their fortunes after election night and coming from behind. Reps. Tami Green and Hans Dunshee (who bikebelled his district) looked to be squeaking by at first but wound up with comfortable margins. One contest is still too close to call – Senator Randy Gordon trails challenger Steve Litzow by only .6% after Litzow held what might have been an insurmountable lead in the first returns. Randy may be within striking distance after today’s results are released by King County.

What this means, says Cascade, is that 30 percent of the legislature will be pro-bike. Now, they’ve got to earn the help they got from people riding the state’s roads and trails.

Oh, and you other 70 percent? You have another chance to prove your bike friendliness with your votes.

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