South Seattle biker defies attempted bikejackers

A man in South Seattle stood up to two robbers trying to take his bike November 7th. Instead of giving up his bike, he dared the robbers to shoot him and walked away.

From Seattle Crime:

At about 6:45pm on November 7th, the victim called 911 and said two other men were trying to take his bicycle from him near Rainier Ave S and S Forest.

The man later told police he was waiting at a bus stop when the two male suspects approached him.

One of the suspects told the victim “I’m going to take your bike.”

When the victim refused give up his wheels, the man told him “If you don’t give me your bike, I’m going to shoot you.”

Apparently already accustomed to the threats of violence that come with rocking two wheels, the victim offered up a ballsy response: “then shoot me dog, do it,” before walking away.

The suspect followed the victim towards S McClellan St, while the victim called 911.

After some more arguing, the suspects eventually ran away once they heard police sirens.

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