Another bicycle traffic advisory: Seaview and Golden Gardens

SDOT will be working on the overpass at Seaview Ave NW and Golden Gardens Drive NW in Golden Gardens Park tomorrow and Friday. During work, bicyclists will have to dismount and walk. Through traffic will not be allowed, but pedestrians will.

From SDOT:

Taking advantage of favorable weather, Seattle Department of Transportation paving crews plan to repair the roadway beneath the underpass where Seaview Avenue NW meets Golden Gardens Drive NW in Golden Gardens Park. They plan to grind the old surface off tomorrow, November 4th, and pave on Friday, November 5th, weather permitting. Their work will take place within the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. but won’t take the entire day on either day.

While the crews are working, no through traffic will be allowed–only motor vehicles going to the park.  Pedestrians will be able to get through, but not bicycles. The roadway will be reopened on Thursday when the crews are finished, and closed again when work begins again on Friday.

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