Group questions Cascade’s Board selection process

A group of Cascade Bicycle Club members has launched a campaign to recall the group’s Board of Directors, demanding the club make some changes to its Board electing practices. The group, the Bike Club Rescue Squad, also accuses the club of not following its election rules by failing to announce the selection of a nominating committee four months prior to this week’s vote.

Here are the group’s demands:

Given the significant defects in the election bylaws, and given that they may not have in fact been followed, we ask that you take the following actions and announce them at the Annual Membership Meeting this Thursday, October 21:

  1. Suspend and delay the current election until such time as a fair and democratic election can be guaranteed, and a timely announcement of the Nominating Committee can be made.
  2. Announce and Form a committee composed of board members, staff, and members to devise an entire democratic set of bylaws that allows for members to nominate board candidates directly, as well as outlining a process by which the membership may reject the slated nominees.
  3. Announce the selection of a new President of the Board to lead the necessary changes to restore CBC to its prominent place in the community as an educational, recreational, and advocacy organization.
  4. Announce the expansion of the Board to 15 seats, with a new Nominating Committee to choose members to stand for election under the new election bylaws.

The group’s actions come in light of the recent drama surrounding the firing, then un-firing, of the club’s executive director, Chuck Ayers. The goal of the group seems to be ensuring that the members are given more say in Board elections by changing some potentially problematic bits of the club’s rules:

In response to the Board of Directors recent decisions, and the highlighting of the inadequacies of the bylaws and elections process, the Bike Club Rescue Squad is rallying support among the membership and leading the campaign to invalidate the current 2010 elections cycle and ensure revisions to the governing documents going forward.

Cascade’s annual membership meeting is tomorrow (Oct. 21) evening at REI.

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