City announces 11 neighborhood street projects, bikes to get help on S Othello and Fairview

Of the 11 streets projects the city announced yesterday evening, most will add sidewalks and/or crossing improvements for pedestrians around the city. Mayor Mike McGinn and Councilmember Tom Rasmussen attended the press conference in to announce the projects, outlined below, which vary in cost and ambition. Most are in the south and north ends of the city where pedestrian (and bike) facilities are often lacking.

Two projects are of particular interest to those on two wheels. Bike and pedestrian facilities will be added to S Othello St from Seward Park Ave to Chief Sealth Trail, a stretch of about a mile. The plans also call for reconstruction of the intersection at Fairview Ave E and Fairview Ave N, which would certainly be a welcome endeavor.

The project list (download the PDF or view below):
NSF Project Listing 09222010

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3 Responses to City announces 11 neighborhood street projects, bikes to get help on S Othello and Fairview

  1. Mike says:

    Don’t forget that there are two other projects which will include bike lanes. The project on Ravenna from 85th to Lake City will include a SB bike lane. The project on Orcas St will also have a bike lane for the uphill direction. I have to admit that I have a personal interest in that one as I designed the crossing treatment for the Chief Sealth Trail and had some extra asphalt included so the sidewalk wouldn’t need to be torn out for a future bike lane.

  2. Steve says:

    Any place where there is more information beyond the descriptions in the list? Hope one of the improvements at the Seward Park Ave. and Othello intersection is a sign pointing out to cars on Othello that the intersection isn’t a four-way stop. In other words, that bicyclist on Seward Park Avenue who went through the intersection in front of you without stopping, that you honked and yelled at, didn’t blow a stop sign, because there wasn’t one. That would save me a lot of grief.

  3. Joseph Singer says:

    Why is it that there is zero conversation about any bicycle infrastructure on 23rd Ave, 23rd Ave E and 23rd Ave S? As far as I can see nothing’s been done nor are there any plans to do anything.

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