Beacon BIKES! picks consultant

Beacon BIKES!, a group pushing for bike infrastructure within neighborhoods, has chosen a consultant for their “Family Bike and Pedestrian Circulation Plan.” The citizen group is organizing in part to influence next year’s neighborhood and bicycle master plan updates. Group representative David Ahearn told Publicola he thinks the bicycle master plan is a little too focused on commuters.

“When I’m biking around the neighborhood, I try and imagine whether it’d be safe my five-year-old daughter to ride on the road,” said Ahearn. “If we can [create facilities that] accomplish that, we’ll have succeeded.”

The group announced to Beacon Hill Blog that they have chosen Alta Planning + Design as the consultant for their plan:

Friday, we chose Alta Planning + Design as our consultant from among three enthusiastic applicants.  Beacon BIKES! believes that pedestrians and cyclists encounter similar obstacles in getting around our neighborhood and that facilities that address both modes make the most sense.  This philosophy is in line with Alta’s belief in “integrating all modes of travel (including walking and bicycling) into the daily lives of residents and creating healthy, safe, and sustainable communities.”  Most importantly, they offer an interactive approach geared to keeping the neighborhood informed and involved throughout the process.

All this is great news, but in order for this to work, we’ll need anyone and everyone to chime in at our monthly Beacon BIKES! meetings to make this a uniquely Beacon Hill plan. The next meeting will be held at the community room of the Library at 6:30 PM on Monday, September 13th.


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  1. Steve says:

    Disappointed to see city grant money going to an out of town firm. Especially with the record unemployment among architecture, engineering, and design firms in Seattle.

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