A couple bike thefts on Cap Hill, via CHS

Capitol Hill Seattle had a couple bike theft reports recently. First, a man estimated by a witness to be in his 60s spotted his bike being stolen at the back door of the QFC at Harvard and Pike September 2. He pursued the thief, and here is what a witness wrote to CHS:

Old man jumps on the fleeing thief and knocks her over and gets his bike back

Arguing ensues after man retrieves his bike from short haired manly looking girl, yelling from short white man with purple huskies sweatshirt on, and taller white man with light blue jeans and black and orange windbreaker jacket

Then old man throws some of his groceries at the group, because it’s 3 against 1, he throws what seems to be a container of cottage cheese or something and then the shorter guy with purple huskies hoodie socks him in the face and the old man passes out on the pavement.

My boyfriend calls the police… tells them what happened.

Moments later shorthaired manly girl takes off again with the old man’s red bike!  I yell “hey!!” and my boyfriend, takes off running after her…. he runs down 4 blocks to summit, she heads south on summit, and then he lost her…

Then comes a tale from a resident whose little brother saved up to buy a bike only to have it stolen. Here’s his letter to CHS:

Unfortunately my little brother had his bike stolen off Capitol Hill (near 14th & Madison). We did not get a great feel the police would do anything about this, so were hopeful for perahps a little community help :/

This is a quite unique bike, and was a fairly expensive item he saved for a while to acquire. He had to go down to PDX to even get this model of bike. He is not able to replace it due to the cost. This was also his main source of transportaion to school and work.

Email [email protected] if you have any info.

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