A bike boulevard for Beacon Hill

Dylan from Beacon BIKES, a recently-formed group focused on advocating for more bike infrastructure within neighborhoods, created an interesting walk-through of a potential bike boulevard route through Beacon Hill. Move the map behind the video player to see the route and where each video segment was shot.

Beacon Hill Bike Boulevard
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Basically, with some signage, traffic calming and beefed-up crossings, Dylan suggests this route would be a good, safe bike route through Beacon Hill all the way from the I-90 trail to Jefferson Park.

What’s a bike boulevard, you ask? Hmm, I wonder if StreetFilms has an excellent video on the subject… aha! Of course they do (actually, they have several):

Portland, Ore. – Bicycle Boulevards from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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1 Response to A bike boulevard for Beacon Hill

  1. Julian says:

    Tom – First of all, I’ve generally just been *loving* your blog. I hope you have the energy and eventually ad $ to keep it up. I think having a Seattle bikeportland-esque news plus a healthy dose of opinion and well-deserved takedowns is going to be a very good thing to help this city actually earn it’s rep as a bikey town.

    And the Beacon BIKES approach would be ideal for many other neighborhoods, like my own Ballard. You can’t read studies like this about our topography:
    and not conclude that bike boulevard networks for intra-neighborhood travel and faster grade-separated infrastructure, or bike tows for hills (maybe), or other creative approaches to link neighborhoods is the way to go. I’m all for road diets, but the bike lanes on them are rarely my first choice when riding a la familia. It’s a shame SDOT hasn’t focused more on bike blvd networks to date. Less divisive, to boot.

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