SDOT calls bull on claims they had no outreach for 125th changes

In response to claims by opponents to the proposed changes to NE 125th that SDOT did not attempt to alert any residents about the project, the department put out the following list of outreach efforts on their blog:

  • Sent a press release to all Seattle media and local neighborhood blogs, which was covered prior to the open house by,,,, and Publicola.
  • Placed door hangers on all properties on NE 125th from Roosevelt Way NE to 35th Ave NE.
  • Distributed fliers to local businesses, the community center and the library through the Department of Neighborhoods (DON) coordinator.
  • Distributed fliers at several community events and the local farmers market.
  • Sent an e-mail notice to more than 50 neighborhood organizations, such as community groups, business groups, churches, etc.
  • Relayed an e-mail notice through a local resident to more than 350 other area residents.
  • Created a Web site outlining the proposal and highlighting the open house.
  • Held a community open house solely to address the proposal.

As we mentioned to The Seattle Times when this issue was raised, the 100 plus attendees at our 125th open house clearly indicate that our outreach was thorough and effective.

I don’t know what amount of effort is typically considered acceptable, but that doesn’t seem too shabby.

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3 Responses to SDOT calls bull on claims they had no outreach for 125th changes

  1. Steve says:

    Doesn’t matter to the opponents. They weren’t at the open house, ipso facto there wasn’t enough public outreach.

  2. David Hiller says:

    Actually, almost 0ne-hundred of them showed up for the open house, from which one could make a prima facie case that they were in fact informed.

  3. kurisu says:

    Actually they WERE at the open house. I saw and heard them there, and I’ve been trying to wash their nasty tones of voice out of my head since.

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