Tour de Fat rolls through town, the Troll is not amused

As you can see, the Fremont Troll was none too pleased with all these bicycle shenanigans under his nose. Tour de Fat 2010 — a rather bizarre bicycle festival presented by the New Belgium brewery out of Fort Collins, Colo. — kicked off Saturday with a bike parade lead by Davey Oil from Bike Works. Here he is, leading the charge:

The festival took place at Gasworks Park, and the Bicycle Alliance of Washington and Bike Works partnered with New Belgium to make it happen. And seeing bikes locked to absolutely everything you can fit a u-lock around could almost bring a tear to my eye…

My personal favorite part of the festival was definitely the corral of nearly unridable, strange bicycle-like machines. I must have watched people try to ride these things for at least a half hour. Instead of trying to describe them, just watch this video:

Though I did not get to see it, a Wallingford etiquette consultant named Mrs. DeGroot traded her Volvo station wagon for a bicycle. Now THAT’s good manors. MyWallingford has a great video, where Mrs. DeGroot says, “You know, it’s time, because I’m going to be 60. And I’m just downsizing and want to change my lifestyle. So I just think it’s just a cool thing — an opportunity. Some people have opportunities that don’t take them. So I just took it.” Rad! … oh, excuse me, I mean … Quite superb!

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  1. Bikejuju says:

    Tour de Fat was two tons of fun. I love the video, captures almost everyone on the ride! (I roll past on the second tallbike at about 2:27).

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