Reflections on the first week of Seattle Bike Blog

After a week of the Seattle Bike Blog, I thought I would take a moment to assess what I have learned and how the blog can improve. This is also a good time to send me feedback about what you think the blog could do differently or what kinds of features I should work on going forward.

Your humble Seattle Bike Blog editor and bike

First, I’ve learned that writing about bikes is way fun (duh). Also, having a fancy phone for the first time has opened up how I look at reporting and has, indeed, made me more mobile.

Second, I’ve learned that the Seattle neighborhood blogger network is wonderfully welcoming.

Third, I’ve learned that there is whole lot more to learn about biking in Seattle than I previously thought, and I imagined there would be quite a lot. From danger areas to road projects to the sheer number of bike events in this city, it’s hard to keep up with it all … and I love that.

Now, three areas where the blog can improve.

First, I need more coverage of south Seattle. I currently live in Fremont, and I have noticed that my coverage this week rarely extended south of the Central District. This is a clear issue, as south Seattle has much need for bicycle infrastructure and bike news. Often these areas are ignored as projects work to improve wealthier areas and downtown. If you are a biker living south of downtown, please let me know what issues you face and chronic problem areas that need improvements.

Second, ableism. I was throwing around the word “lame” as a derogatory term until someone pointed out that the term is rather ableist in its roots. Especially for a bike blog, I do not want to alienate or insult people with physical issues. After all, the bicycle is one of the most welcoming and empowering machines in the world … if you can ride one. The bike community should always be mindful of people who are physically unable to comfortably ride a bicycle (or are unable to afford a custom bike).

Third, I need to make more calls and get more faces and voices on the blog.

Thank you for reading. If anyone has something they would like to write or work on for the blog, let me know and we will work something out.

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2 Responses to Reflections on the first week of Seattle Bike Blog

  1. Leif says:

    Thanks Tom, keep up the good work.

  2. WS bike commuter says:

    I second that. And I think your ideas for improvement are right on.

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