Car vs bike crash in Cap Hill yesterday, injuries not life threatening

The biker involved in a collision with a car on Capitol Hill yesterday does not have life-threatening injuries. It’s always scary to hear about a bike colliding with a car, and we hope she heals up soon.

Capitol Hill Seattle has the story:

Wednesday afternoon, we reported on Twitter about a bike and car collision on Harvard near the intersection of Pike. Both lanes of Harvard were shut for a short time during the emergency response just after 2 PM. We hear from the Seattle Fire Department that the rider involved in the crash, a 30-year-old woman, was transported to Harborview with what are described as non-life threatening injuries.

CHS also gave an update on a serious car vs. bike wreck last week.

A friend of the rider tells CHS that the woman is “getting better every day, and she’s going to be okay.”

The friend also added that “her HELMET SAVED HER LIFE. Get that out there. If she hadn’t been wearing it, she would most certainly be dead.”

Great to hear she is recovering. And please wear a helmet.

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  1. John Bailo says:

    Mel Roberts, Chairman of the Kent Bicycle Advisory Board just sent me a link to this page on Bicycle Boulevards:

    “In essence, bicycle boulevards are low-volume and low-speed streets that have been optimized for bicycle travel through treatments such as traffic calming and traffic reduction, signage and pavement markings, and intersection crossing treatments. These treatments allow through movements for cyclists while discouraging similar through trips by nonlocal motorized traffic. Motor vehicle access to properties along the route is maintained.”

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