Seattle Pride had some awesome pedal power, but WAY too many damn cars

I saw this awesome circular bike (which I later learned is a Conference Bike) during the Seattle Pride parade downtown. It was fairly mesmerizing to watch this thing roll by, and it took me a while to figure out what was even happening.

In all, the Pride parade was a let-down on a couple fronts. This was my first Seattle Pride, so I was really surprised by how corporate and oil-centric the whole thing was. “Whooo! Wells Fargo is soo gay! And so is that Hummer! Hummers are so out and proud!” Seriously, there was a fucking Hummer.  There were more SUVs and pickups than bicycles (it seemed, anyway). After seeing the entirely human-powered Fremont Solstice Parade, it was rather disappointing to see car after SUV after truck drive by with some lame streamers or something on it to make it “gay.” Cars (especially Hummers!) are tools of the heterosexual patriarchy (but that’s another post).

At least there were some awesome bikes! Like this bike-powered float:

Byron at Bike Hugger shot a cool video with Haulin’ Colin and the float crew showing off the float before the parade. It must have been a blast to build this thing.

And there were some naked bike riders.

And the Roller Derby women were kick ass, like always. All-in-all, Pride was fun and interesting. Those who were resilient enough to express themselves during the corporate parade were having fun and were fun to watch.

Still, after seeing all the trash everywhere after the parade, as nearly always happens at events like these, I did leave with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth. Why couldn’t the organizers have let Out for Sustainability have a say in the planning? Would it really have driven off so many sponsors to have compostabe or recyclable containers? Or to put some recycling bins along the route?

The cause of equality is not independent of the need for environmental responsibility. Cars are symbols of oppression. Wells Fargo treats gay people just as poorly as they treat everyone else.

The streets along the parade route were covered with trash. While not unusual at such event, you have to wonder if we can redesign these events to prevent such waste.

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