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Job Listing: Temporary Seattle Bike Blog Editor – Part-time for 3 months

After more than a decade writing Seattle Bike Blog, it is time for me to take a sabbatical. So I am looking for someone to work part time reporting bicycle and transportation news in the Seattle area and handling other … Continue reading

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A message from the Editor

My dearest Seattle Bike Blog readers, I have been putting off this post for a couple weeks now, but I can’t avoid it any longer. The rigors of parenting during a pandemic have reached a point where I cannot keep … Continue reading

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Celebrating 10 years of Seattle Bike Blog

In July 2010 at the midst of the Great Recession and with very little money in the bank, I quit my job to become an independent bike journalist. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea … Continue reading

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How the Affordable Care Act helped me to start this independent news site

With Republicans in D.C. going through the steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I need to take a second away from bike news to talk about how the ACA is a major factor in the fact that Seattle Bike … Continue reading

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Check out Seattle Bike Blog’s new mobile site

No more fighting on your phone with frustrating text input boxes just to post a comment! Seattle Bike Blog finally has a mobile-friendly version. This Obama-era technological advancement is only for phones and small tablets, and we don’t currently plan … Continue reading

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Seattle Bike Blog turns 2, launches new features

That’s right. I’ve been writing on this trusty blog for two whole years. Thanks everyone who has been reading, writing thoughtful comments and pointing out my typos. Since starting, bike culture in Seattle has been growing and changing dramatically, and … Continue reading

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A note from the editor

Hello, lovely Seattle Bike Blog readers. If you live in the Central District, you may have already heard, but I am now the new editor of Central District News. I am very excited to have a chance to get closely … Continue reading

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Seattle Bike Blog has arrived

SeattleBikeBlog.com is your new comprehensive source for local bike news and commentary. While bike culture and bike racing are certainly necessary aspects of Seattle bike news, this site will mostly focus on issues facing anyone who uses the bicycle for … Continue reading

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