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Use the form below to add your bike to our Stolen Bike Listings page and the database (formerly known as the Stolen Bicycle Registry). This service provides a way for people to search stolen bike records all around the world to learn if a bike they found has been stolen and connect bikes back to their owners.

Bikes submitted here will be automatically Tweeted via @StolenBikesSEA and uploaded to the global database.

This is just one tool to fight bike theft. You should also report all bike thefts to the police. In Seattle, you should call the SPD non-emergency number and file a report with an officer: (206) 625-5011 (if the thief is still in the area, call 911). If your bike has a monetary value less than $500, you can file an SPD report online.

You can also add a bike that has not been stolen to BikeIndex by clicking the blue button below. This is a way to keep record of your bike details and serial number just in case it does get stolen. All bike owners should have a record of this information, which makes it much easier for bike buyers and police to identify bikes as stolen and reconnect owners with their rides.

If you do not have record of your stolen bike’s serial number, many bike shops keep those records for all bike sales. So call the shop where you purchased it and see if they can look it up for you.

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