Amber Weilert: ‘Nothing can change this reality, but we can change the future’

Amber Weilert’s 13-year-old son Mikey was killed in July while biking in a crosswalk on Pacific Avenue S in Parkland. Since then, she’s been sharing her devastating story in an effort to make changes.

She spoke during an event for World Day of Remembrance in November, and last week penned a heartbreaking and powerful piece for the News Tribune. And her efforts appear to be working. Governor Inslee’s proposed 2023-25 budget includes $3 million to build nine crosswalk signals along SR-7, which includes Pacific Ave.

But reading her piece in the Tribune, it’s clear that we need to do so much more:

I wake up some mornings, grab my cup of coffee, walk down the hall, and for a split second I put my hand out to knock on Michael’s door to say, “It’s time to get up for school.” But then reality hits. Michael is not in his room. Michael will never be in his room again.

I hope my son Michael’s story and its impact on the importance of transportation safety ensures your child’s story has a different ending.

Michael was an adventurous child. He loved climbing trees, laughing with his friends, trying to do the latest TikTok dance, running into the cold ocean waves at the beach and riding his bike. Michael finished building his own bike in July 2022, the summer before his eighth-grade year. He was so proud of it and enjoyed the independence that riding gave him. The same month, my 13-year-old son was riding that bike alongside his best friend when he was killed by a driver in a crosswalk on Pacific Avenue.

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