Watch: Bob’s guide to biking from the Interurban North in Shoreline to the Burke-Gilman Trail

Bob Svercl (bobco85) is back with another local bike route guide. This time, he’s connecting the Interurban North Trail in Shoreline to the Burke-Gilman Trail in Lake Forest Park.

For anyone who wants to get a good idea of what to expect before trying this for the first time, Bob’s videos are very detailed and include both maps and on-the-street footage. Be sure to check out his other Seattle-area bike route videos, too, as he’s built up quite the archive at this point.

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4 Responses to Watch: Bob’s guide to biking from the Interurban North in Shoreline to the Burke-Gilman Trail

  1. Shelly Bowman says:

    Amazing! Is there wayfinding signage?

  2. Shoreline Resident says:

    Really wish the 155th connector was a more pleasant route to get to the burke gilman. I find 155th so stressful with my child enough that i’ll get off as soon as I can and take meandering neighborhood streets. Cars seem to speed way too fast/too close + steep hills make me feel unsafe visibility-wise. Unfortunately I will not be doing much east/west commuting in shoreline with my child as I have yet to find a route that has felt safe for me. So thankful for interurban, really hoping 185th corridor is meaningfully improved with light rail.

  3. eddiew says:

    There is a ped-bike bridge over I-5 at NE 195th Street, for a northern connection. I hope North/NE 185th Street has very frequent transit service connecting with Link at the North Shoreline station, so it may not be a comfortable arterial for eight-to-eighty riders. The side streets of Shoreline are fairly calm. The issue is I-5 as a barrier. Shoreline is attempting to build a bridge at NE 148th Street; they are seeking the lemonade recipe for the lemons they asked for in the I-5 alignment for Link. The glaciation left Shoreline and LFP with hills.

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