Noon Thursday: Ride For Justice with Estelita’s Library

Poster image for the ride for justice featuring a drawing of a raised fist with bicycle wheels. Details in the story text.

Dress in black, grab your bike and join the Ride for Justice noon Thursday at 23rd Ave S and the I-90 Trail. The ride will end at Cal Anderson Park.

Details from event organizers Estelita’s Library, a non-profit “justice focused community bookstore and library” on Beacon Hill:

You think we’re stopping – Nope!!
For those in Seattle. Estelita’s Library – Justice Focused Community Bookstore &…and our community are organizing a Bike For Justice Protest. We will not stand for the injustices we see — we are bringing every community we are a part of out to the streets until change happens!
Thursday at 12pm.
Meeting at the 23rd Ave S & I-90 Trail and take to the streets to ride to Cal Anderson Park! Wear Black!
Help with supplies, donate:
Share far and wide!

What: Protest by cyclists throughout Seattle to demand justice for the police violence of Black folks, indigenous folks, and POC

When: Thursday 12PM June 11, 2020

Meeting Place: Grassy Area @ 23rd Ave S & I-90 Trail riding to Cal Anderson Park

What to Bring: Your bike (road, mountain, BMX, any other) & wear black!

Organizer Edwin Lindo expanded on the demands of the ride in a post:

Declare Racism and Police Violence a Public Health Emergency!

end policing that is violent against Marginalized populations, Particularly our black communities (e.g., racial profiling, stop and frisk, gang injunctions, criminalization of houselessness​)

Redirect funds from law enforcement agencies to community-based programs for harm prevention, intervention, and transformative justice​

Stop and reverse militarization of law enforcement​

Eliminate legislative and union contract provisions that shield the police from accountability​

Declare records of all investigations of law enforcement brutality with associated materials as public property and ensure public accessibility​

Immediately end the violence against protestors. We stand in solidarity with them!

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