Bike News Roundup: So, any big news happen lately? + Kelli joins the video

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It’s time for the Bike News Roundup. I started collecting the stories for this edition before the COVID-19 outbreak really took over the news and, you know, our whole lives. So there are glimpses of another time in here.

Also, be sure to check out the Bike News Roundup video with Kelli Refer. We talk through a few pieces from the list, plus she shows off the styling new reusable face masks she made using this design. And at the end, we play a few minutes of the indie video game Knights and Bikes. The Roundup video also works as something to listen to in the background.

First up, if you haven’t seen the News Tribune video of Matthew Fleming biking around Tacoma yelling people’s messages to each other, well, enjoy:

Pacific Northwest News

Halftime show! Bike Works has reopened its shop in an outbreak-safe way. Q13 had a good story about the measures they are taking:

National & Global News

This is an open thread.

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2 Responses to Bike News Roundup: So, any big news happen lately? + Kelli joins the video

  1. I love this live stream, guys.

  2. asdf2 says:

    Saturday at around 4 PM, the bike counter showed a whopping 1,600 bikes on the 520 bridge that day, higher than I’ve ever seen, even before the pandemic.

    Hopefully, people will continue to give 6 feet so that the trail can remain open.

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