Got a buck? The Bikery launches $1 membership program + Seeks people to join their Board

$1 now gets your a lifetime membership to the Bikery, part of an effort to expand participation in making decisions about the community bike organization.

For example, your first act as a member could be to apply to join the Board. Applications are due Saturday (February 29).

If you visit, volunteer or attend their events and have $1, you are eligible to be a member.

The volunteer-powered organization is based in a bike repair shop on Hiawatha Pl S not far from the intersection of Rainier Ave S and S Dearborn St since moving there in 2013. Its doors are open to anyone who wants to learn how to fix their bike. They have tools and space for you to work on it and helpful volunteers to teach what you need to know to get it rolling again. They do ask for a modest $5-15 per hour for your bike stand time. They also have a stock of new and used parts available and some bicycles for sale.

Details from the Bikery:

The membership program has more teeth than the shopper card at your neighborhood grocery store. Our membership is designed for all participants of the Bikery, and our members’ voices will be a part of guiding the future of the Bikery.

This is a new program. We’re excited to see how it grows, and we want you to be a part of it!

You will receive a membership number via email and can pick up your physical membership card at the Bikery during normal hours.

Membership Rules

  • Anyone who participates in the Bikery in any way –by using our tools, shopping, volunteering, participating in events or just stopping by to say “hi”– is eligible to join as a member.

  • To join you must provide a name, email address, and pay a $1 lifetime fee.

  • Members are eligible to participate in elections for the Board of Trustees, and therefore will be contributing to the vision of the Bikery.

  • In order to be eligible to vote in elections, you must have visited the Bikery or participated in a Bikery-hosted event at least once in the 12 months prior to each election.

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