Trail Alert: Cedar River Trail flooded at 154th SE + Report of Green River Trail closure in Tukwila

Photo of an underpass tunnel full of water.

Photo from King County Parks.

We have more trail closure notices to add.

The Cedar River Trail underpass at 154th Pl SE is full of water. Luckily, there is a street-level crosswalk that makes for what should be an easy detour. But we aware that increased rainfall could lead to more flooding for the riverside trail. Details from King County Parks:

Excessive rain and flooding has created adverse conditions on many of our trails today. The Cedar River Trail is closed at 154th Pl SE due to high water in the underpass tunnel.

A reader also noted in the comments of a previous post that the Green River Trail is closed in Tukwila near the I-405 crossing. So be on the lookout for other closures along that riverside trail if more heavy rain falls.

These closures are in addition to previous reports about closures on the Sammamish River Trail, Snoqualmie Valley Trail and Preston-Snoqualmie Trail.

Riverside bike trails are very pleasant for obvious reasons, and the grades are typically good, too, since they follow the river. But that obviously makes them vulnerable to flooding when rain gets too heavy for too long. I’m sure it will stop raining one of these days…

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