Trail Alert: Burke-Gilman Trail detour along Seaview

Approximate work area. Image from Google Street View.

Work is starting on a Seattle Public Utilities project that will detour the Burke-Gilman Trail along a stretch of Seaview Ave NW in Ballard so crews can stage equipment.

Unfortunately, the detour plans currently say that people biking will be “encouraged to walk their bikes through the detour,” which should last a month.

Details from SPU:

Construction equipment for Seattle Public Utilities’ Pump Station 43 Emergency Sewer Force Main Replacement project will impact the 5500 block of Seaview Avenue Northwest and the Burke-Gilman Trail in Ballard as early as Feb. 14, 2019. A contractor will be drilling a new sewer force main underneath the waterway from Ballard to Magnolia, and the large drilling equipment will block portions of the trail and roadway.

  • Approximately 200 feet of the southbound lane of Seaview Avenue Northwest near the 5500 block will be closed. Two-way traffic will be maintained via an electronic traffic signal in the northbound lane.
  • The Burke-Gilman Trail will be detoured to the north side of Seaview Avenue Northwest. There will be an electronic signal for bicyclists and pedestrians to push when crossing the street. Bicyclists will be encouraged to walk their bikes through the detour.

These impacts are estimated to last approximately one month.

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4 Responses to Trail Alert: Burke-Gilman Trail detour along Seaview

  1. Rich says:

    A new street to reclaim. That section of the BG sucks anyway.

  2. R says:

    Whoever did the detour West of Fremont for the sewer siphon project did it right. Street closures to allow for a detour separated from the local access only traffic by portable barriers. Why can’t SPU and SDOT learn how to do this?

    I’ve made multiple inquiries to SDOT about how the trail closures by the Ballard Bridge don’t violate DR 10-2015 without a response.

    • Law Abider says:

      That is SPU’s detour in Fremont. Kudos where kudos is due.

      Good luck with DR 10-2015. I’ve attempted three different times for construction projects I thought were clearly violating the rule. Each time, SDOT claimed that the projects weren’t in violation and gave some weak excuse.

      Either SDOT has no intention of ever enforcing DR 10-2015 or the rule has no teeth for SDOT to be able to enforce it. Either way, the Council needs to take action.

  3. NoSpin says:

    We’ll have a just society when a major intersection gets closed and drivers are advised to get out of their cars and push them through.

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