Bike News Roundup: The bike lane is always greener…

It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! Here’s a look at some stuff floating around the web that caught my eye.

First up, one of the only ways to get me to post a promotional video is to include lots of Seattle biking scenes:

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This is an open thread.

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5 Responses to Bike News Roundup: The bike lane is always greener…

  1. Skylar says:

    The bike lane might always be greener, but that doesn’t seem to keep people from parking in it. For instance, I have yet to bike on Roosevelt and not have to dodge between poles into the driving lane because someone thought it was a great place to park (one reason I’m not completely enamored with protected lanes). On my way up Stone from N 34, there was a Fedex truck parked in the bike lane just north of the intersection, again forcing me into the driving lane.

    Is there any point in contacting the police about this? I used to, and then gave up because it seems like traffic enforcement is only a priority for the off-duty officers on someone else’s payroll. For the commercial vehicles, is there any point contacting the employer? It would be nice to think that folks holding a CDL would have a three-strikes-and-you’re-fired policy, but I doubt it.

  2. Robert Alexander says:

    I like the picture,it shows them riding on the sidewalk and the wrong way in that lane of the parking lot.This seems to happen a lot in the Shilshole parking lot.
    Someone sometime will get hit by a car backing out of a parking spot.

  3. VeganBiker says:

    Nice video, however if one was to just leave an unlocked “nice” bike anywhere in Ballard or Fremont like they did, well! the bikes would not be there long enough to have fun in the store! Just saying..

  4. RossB says:

    My case for building something besides the CCC: and Since the mayor is soliciting input, it wouldn’t hurt to send her an email saying you want something better (and cheaper).

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