Bike Bingo 2018 starts July 31, get your card today at these bike-friendly businesses

For more details on the various bingo prizes, see the back of the card below.

The third annual edition of Seattle Bike Bingo begins July 31, and participating businesses are all stocked up on the $4 cards.

A summer tradition organized by Bicycle Benefits, Bike Bingo is a pretty simple game. Buy a card, then ride to the businesses listed on it to get a stamp. For each bingo, you can claim a prize like free pizza or beer or even a shoe shine. Get them all and you win an even bigger set of prizes.

So you win by going for a bike ride, you win by visiting great local businesses, and you win by winning prizes. Not a bad way to spend a summer.

“A lot of people have bicycles, but they want desinations and reasons to ride them,” said Ian Klepetar of Bicycle Benefits. The game is also a way to “draw visibility to the bike-friendly businesses in the community.”

New this year is a corner stamp for volunteering at Bike Works.

“We want to further engage bike riders into contributing further into the bike community,” said Klepetar. “We really appreciate the programs that Bike Works provides to an underserved biking population.”

The 24 businesses on the card are just a fraction of the businesses offering Bicycle Benefits deals year-round. You can see the full listings on the organization’s website.

More details from Bicycle Benefits:

The game goes from July 31-Sept. 15. All stamps and prizes are redeemed during that time frame. 1 card per person. All trips must be done by bike.

All participants must have a Bicycle Benefits sticker which are also available at the above locations as well. If you are not familiar with Bicycle Benefits, it’s a year-round program where you get discounts at places throughout Seattle when you ride your bike there and show your helmet sticker. Yes, the program is AWESOME and EVERYONE should know about it!

When you bike to the locations listed, stop inside and request a stamp on your card from the person working. It’s up to you if you want to make a purchase or not but please be reminded that these places are amazing supporters of biking and bingo so please consider posting a photo and tagging their business, buying something or just be an awesome human!

When you’ve gotten 5 stamps in a row (the middle one is a freebie:)) you can cruise over to one of the locations that offers a “row prize” and get hooked up with a prize, the employees should mark off the little box when you redeem it so double dipping occurs. When you complete your card, same dealio.

Have fun, play with others, post photos of your adventures and be awesome!

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5 Responses to Bike Bingo 2018 starts July 31, get your card today at these bike-friendly businesses

  1. Tim F says:

    I’m not surprised there’s not a single one on the map along the length of #safe35th. Hoping that will change by next year. My new ratcheting bottle cage came in today, though. I can now ride by Cafe Ventoux and pick up coffee to go without spilling.

    • William says:

      I have always been amazed that there is not a single Bicycle benefits business in about a 1.5 mile radius around around the Wedgwood/Ravenna boundary on 35th Ave NE.

  2. Kara says:

    I’m disappointed that the Cascade Bike Club Office is listed but doesn’t have any weekend hours. For those of us who work standard business hours M-F, a complete card is out of the question without taking some time off…

    • Jessica Winter-Stoltzman says:

      It’s true. Conduit Coffee is also pretty hard to get due to their hours. Luckily i can go on my lunch break since they are near where I work. But this year’s card is much harder than last year’s (includes Edmonds, and includes volunteering at Bike Works rather than just dropping by).

  3. MarkusG says:

    Is it Street Bean Roasters on Lower Queen Ann, or U-District? Or either one? Not clear from the sheet.

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