Your Giving Tuesday roundup of bike and safe streets orgs

Did you take one look at the massive influx of Giving Tuesday emails in your inbox today and click “Mark All As Read?” If so, you are a stronger person than me. I spent much of the day in the fetal position, mumbling something about Sisyphus and “inbox zero.”

But then I drank some coffee, did some silent meditation to center myself and started wading into the sea of appeal emails by good organizations doing genuinely good work.

So here’s what I’ve got for you: A digest of great bike and safe streets organizations participating in Giving Tuesday with excerpts from their appeals and links to donate. Many of the orgs have matching gifts, so this is a great time to make whatever amount you can spare go further.

Bike Works

Today we are celebrating Giving Tuesday, an international day of giving and we are celebrating YOU — our community! We are asking you to help Bike Works take back the giving season, one bike at a time.

Your gift TODAY will help give 100 people access to a bike through one of Bike Works life-changing youth & adult bike giveaway programs.

A gift of $50 covers the cost of refurbishing one donated bicycle. That bicycle then finds a home with youth & adults through one of our many bicycle giveaway programs. Keep Bike Works programs rolling – make a gift now!

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

When you donate to Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, you’re helping accelerate safe streets solutions in Seattle. Your support makes it possible for SNG to:

  • Champion safe routes for kids to walk and bike to school
  • Work for safe routes to walk and bike to transit hubs
  • Advocate for walking and biking projects with historically underserved communities
  • Organize for a bike network that connects to every neighborhood

With your support, we know that “safe streets for all” is more than just a hopeful vision — it’s a future that we all, working together as concerned neighbors and proactive communities, can make possible. Thank you for considering a one-time or monthly donation this #GivingTuesday.

Lid I-5

Whether we lid the freeway with parks, housing, or other community-inspired uses, it’s time to heal the scar in heart of Seattle just like so many other cities have done. And Lid I-5’s work to-date has been remarkable: in a little over two years, we’ve gone from an idea to a powerful grassroots force that has negotiated major funding for a lid feasibility study. We have the support of City Councilmembers, the state legislature, and many partners like Capitol Hill Housing and Freeway Park Association.

In the coming months your gift will ensure the City Council approves the study funding, that the study covers all of the necessary technical details, and that you continue to have a voice in lidding I-5. As a volunteer organization, we utilize funding for everything from putting on big public events and hosting our website to retaining a professional campaign consultant.

Can you make a gift of $10, $25, or even $50 to support the vision of lidding I-5? Click here to donate today, and thank you!

Cascade Bicycle Club

Cascade has a lot of Giving Tuesday choices. Pick one from their website:

Did I miss an appeal you think I should include? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks Tom, and thanks to everyone who has given so far. We’re getting really close to reaching our matching gift – help put us over the top!

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