Trail Alert 7/13: Expect some delays from Burke-Gilman Trail paving

Approximate location of asphalt work.

King County Parks is doing some asphalt work on a section of the Burke-Gilman Trail in Bothell Thursday. So give yourself a little extra time in case of delays.

From King County Parks:

There will be upcoming trail asphalt pavement repair along the Burke-Gilman Trail on the west crossing of NE 175th St., across from the Ivorywood Apartments.

The duration of work is expected to take one day starting 8 a.m., Thursday, July 13. Trail users should be prepared to expect occasional short delays as the construction progresses. For safety reasons trail users may be asked to dismount their bikes and walk as they are escorted through the construction area by flaggers.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve this valued regional asset.

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4 Responses to Trail Alert 7/13: Expect some delays from Burke-Gilman Trail paving

  1. Southeasterner says:

    Trail maintenance…what a novel idea! Now if only SDOT would do the same on the rest of the trail which probably should have been resurfaced about a decade ago. When people are routinely going to the hospital from hitting roots and potholes (ask any doctor at the Swedish Ballard ER) it may be a sign that it’s time for some trail maintenance.

    • Gary Anderson says:

      King County seems to be doing the best maintenance of the BGT. Seattle has greatly improved many segments but there are still areas that could use work. The east side of the UW segment is horrible with minimal maintenance — just some coarse grinding that made some areas worse. The rebuilt UW segments are fantastic. Just hope the UW east is patched until funds are available to do the complete rebuild.

      Then there is the still Missing Link….

      • Southeasterner says:

        Riding through the Fremont section of the trail near Google you can literally watch your bike fall apart. Great place to find free rear bike lights and handlebar caps.

      • Kirk says:

        I always take the road/parking lot through that adobe area in Fremont. That’s probably the worst tree root area on any trail in Seattle. Possibly worse is the north section of the Interurban nort of Alderwood.

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