LATE NOTICE: Redmond Bike Plan open house is tonight

Email-Invite-BikingStrategicPlanOpenHouseApologies for the late notice, but Redmond is hosting an open house tonight (Monday) to get feedback on the city’s Bicycle Strategic Plan.

Feedback at the meeting will help “generate at least 2 different investment scenarios,” according to the meeting details. The open house goes from 5 – 7:30 p.m. at Redmond City Hall.

“We’re looking to get our Connect Eastside members and supporters out to support what Redmond is doing around safe protected bike infrastructure,” said Cascade Bicycle Club’s Eastside Advocacy Director McKayla Dunfey.

Redmond has done some great work in recent years expanding its biking and walking trail system, including the excellent Central Connector. The first phase of the trail opened in 2013, and the second phase should begin construction soon.

But there are still many missing links and dangerous streets in the city that limit bike access and comfort, so there is a lot more work to do. Help encourage the city to be bold and innovative.

Details from the City of Redmond:

The City of Redmond is seeking your feedback on the Bicycle Strategic Plan to help determine which bicycle improvements to build in the next six to ten-years.

Your input at the open house will then be used to generate at least 2 different investment scenarios.  These results will be presented at a second open house (date TBD) where additional feedback will be gathered.

RSVPs are encouraged by emailing [email protected].

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3 Responses to LATE NOTICE: Redmond Bike Plan open house is tonight

  1. Al Dimond says:

    I can’t make this thing tonight, but I really hope they close the gap between the East Lake Sammamish Trail and the Redmond Central Connector. All the ways around are pretty awkward! I don’t spend enough time there to have much of a stake in anything else about Redmond, though.

    • asdf2 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. WSDOT rebuilt the SR-520/SR-202 interchange just a few years ago. The underpass is already more than wide enough to accommodate a full-width trail alongside the road, but they didn’t bother to include a crossing of the on/off ramps, and so the trail ends and you have to detour onto a 4-foot sidewalk immediately adjacent to speeding traffic.

      With the tiniest bit of thought, they could have had the trail cross underneath the ramps at negligible marginal cost, given that the heavy construction equipment was already out there. Now that that opportunity has come and gone, fixing the Redmond->East Lake Sammamish Trail connection has to be its own special project, which means it will cost several times as much.

      • Al Dimond says:

        I didn’t know it was that recent. I hate WSDOT so much. You can’t expect even the most basic non-car accommodation out of them unless someone is watching literally every project they do and that same person has the pull to get a hundred advocates at every public meeting.

        The 167 and 509 extensions are probably going to be the same way. The 167 renderings show what appears to be a disruption of the Interurban Trail’s southern/western end, instead of the extension through Fife it should be getting. The 509 extension is going to extend the Des Moines Creek trail to 188th, at which it’s going to end on the wrong side of a giant interchange from any kind of bike route whatsoever. I know this because I’m a grumpy dork that reads about highway projects, but every time I email anyone about this stuff I get the old blow-off, ’cause I’m just one grumpy dork. Somebody with basically functioning social skills, and connections in South King and Pierce County, should organize a protest or something! Woooo!

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