Bike News Roundup: NIMBYs hit the late night circuit

We are waaaay overdue for a Bike News Roundup. So I hope you’re ready to sink the rest of your day into a couple weeks of interesting transportation news from around the region and the world.

First up! The Late Late Show’s James Corden takes on some amazing NIMBY opposition to bike lanes in Coronado, California. Maybe he could visit Mercer Island next?

Local News

Halftime Show! Seattle Channel’s CityStream looks at bike commuting:

National & Global News

This is an open thread.

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6 Responses to Bike News Roundup: NIMBYs hit the late night circuit

  1. Ballard Resident says:

    Why does the city allow large RVs to park on the North part of 20th Ave W and Gilman Ave W for long periods of time? One RV is so large it takes up the whole parking spot and “bike lane”. I tried riding on the sidewalk instead but found that not to be such a great option since the concrete sections have wide gaps. It’s like riding down a rutted concrete road. Definitely not made for bikes.

    • Ray says:

      I can’t answer your question, but north of Dravus there is no bike lane, just a shoulder with remnants of ancient bike stencil paint. It’s perfectly safe to take the lane on 20th Ave W and Gilman Ave W, much safer than hugging the doors of parked vehicles – the center turn lane gives motor vehicles plenty of space to pass.

      • Al Dimond says:

        It’s signed as a bike lane, so it should be enforced as a bike lane.

        Similar stuff is common on parts of Greenwood, Green Lake Way, 8th Ave NW, and other places where there’s no marked separation between the bike lane and parking space. It’s an outdated, car-centric bike lane design, but that doesn’t make the parking behavior OK.

    • Old Ballard says:

      The RV’s are a nuisance.

      The city has done little, other than the occasional “round-em-ups”, to rid the industrial area of the squatters and drug addicts.

      It’s strange to me, as an avid bicycle commuter, that the cyclists in Seattle aren’t taking a harder stance against the surly hobo infestation along the bike routes. These places were once pretty safe at night, and now anyone with common sense avoids the stretch of Burke-Gilman between Hale’s Brewery and the Ballard Bridge after dark.

  2. Hypocrite says:

    You do realize that James drives a GIANT Range Rover to and from work in LA. Just 90 miles north of these people he mocks????? It’s cute you try and use this without knowing much about him. Google car lipsynch James Corden, and see just how he behaves in a giant SUV. Let’s bring him north!! He’s safe for bikes!

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